Hospital Chairs

When choosing chairs for a hospital setting, there are a number of factors to consider. Not only will you need to cater for the patient, but also visitors who do not have such specific requirements. This means you will have to consider sourcing different types of chairs - those that offer enough support for patients as well as  comfortable chairs for visitors. Hospital chairs required for your consulting rooms are likely to be different to your waiting room chairs for example. It might also be worth considering the needs of patients in different wards too.

A visitor's needs will not be as extensive as those of the patients. The majority will not have specific medical needs that would necessitate a hospital style chair, but there is a type of chair that the staff would prefer. A hospital ward can get very crowded with all the essential equipment and furniture which is why beam seating can provide the perfect sollution for hospital corridors and waiting rooms. It can be helpful in some environments if the hospital furniture is stackable, because it can then be moved out of the way outside of visiting times.

For the patients, there are proven benefits to getting out of bed for as long a time as possible, even immediately after an operation. As many are still recovering from illness, the hospital chairs do need to be more specialised in order to meet their needs. The benefits of sitting up promote lung expansion, decrease risk of DVT, and shift pressure points. As pressure sores are an issue with patients who are immobile for a long period of time, the hospital bedside chairs need to cope with their comfort also.

Hospital Ward Chairs

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Many of our chairs are also available with a range of optional extras in the form of upholstered arms and filled sides. This means that for those patients with weaker legs, the upper body can be used to assist them to a standing position.

Other useful additions to our range of hospital style chairs are our high seat chairs. As well as the elderly and those with back issues, anyone with knee problems can also find it almost impossible to rise from a normal height chair. With a higher than normal seat, and the option to include arm rests, these high seat chairs are the ideal companion for those who find it difficult to get back to a standing position again.

Like the high back chairs, they have the added bonus of being even easier to get out of when fitted with a choice of arms.

We are a valued provider of healthcare furniture to the NHS, and as such can accommodate all your medical requirements. Our full range includes specific NHS patient chairs and general NHS furniture that exceed specifications. Alternatively, if you have a patient who has been discharged from hospital or is elderly, you might be looking for hospital chairs for home. In that case, we also have a range to suit most needs.

Take a look at our range of hospital chairs for sale, one is sure to be the exact fit for your requirements.

Day Room Chairs

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Mental Health Spec Chairs

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We have hospital chairs for sale that have high backs to support the patient, and they are also supplied in a choice of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial fabrics or vinyls. This means that they fully meet the requirements of an area with high infection risk.

If you need hospital room furniture as well as ward chairs, our extensive range of hospital chairs also caters for specific issues, for example, bariatric chairs or posture chairs for users that have severe motor difficulties and need more support. If you are looking for NHS chairs that could fit the bill, you need look no further. We are a well-established company providing hospital style chairs for the NHS and care home chairs countrywide. We pride ourselves in our British-made hospital furniture, and we are sure you will find what you are looking for on our website.

Make sure you consider the different needs of patients and visitors when buying hospital chairs. Ensuring the right levels of support and comfort will make things run much more smoothly. We offer a wide range of chairs for your hospital including high back chairs for the elderly and a number of fast delivery chairs. If you are unsure which chair best suits your needs then make sure you get in touch with us on 08448248677 and one of our expert team will be more than happy to help.