Crib 7 & Prison Seating

Crib 7 Chairs – For Prisons, Secure Accomodation, High Hazard Areas

Please enquire if you require chairs in Crib 7 vinyl, which are not shown in this section - (all upholstered chairs on this website are available in Agua Crib 7 or Chieftain Protect 7 vinyls - prices on request.)

We offer a range of seating in Crib 7 vinyl upholstery, (from the Agua 7 Collection and the Chieftain Protect 7 Collection) which are suitable for high hazard areas, prisons, secure accommodation, oil rigs, mental health institutions, and other challenging environments. The Crib 7 vinyls have a Flame Retardancy rating BS7176 Source 7 when tested over CMHR35kg/m3 foam, making them suitable for high hazard areas. The Agua 7 and Chieftain Protect 7 Collections both have a fabric composition which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, waterproof, and stain resistant. They are also tested tested to the following standards for Tear Strength and Breaking Strength: BS4303, BS2576: 1988, TS EN ISO4674-1 250 (Severe Contract Grade). Full details and fabric specifications can be found on the Agua website and the Chieftain website

We have a number of chairs offered in Crib 7 vinyl upholstery in this section of the website, however if there are any other chair ranges on our website which you would like quoted for in Crib 7 upholstery, please enquire at the office and we will be able to send you a quote.

In addition to the Crib 7 furniture for prisons and high hazard facilities, we also feature a number of beam seat ranges which have been specified for prisons and other secure institutions, which include floor fixing options for added security.