Mental Health Spec Chairs

It is important in a healthcare situation to have appropriate seating for the needs of the patients and their families. We have a number of mental health spec furniture and seating solutions that are designed specifically to maintain a safe and secure environment particularly in a mental health setting, and are sure that they will help you maintain exceptional care in any behavioural healthcare situation. We understand the need for both patients and staff to feel safe and secure in these environments, and to this end we have mental health spec furniture that is reinforced and fully boarded out with the option to add additional weight if required.

When looking for furniture for challenging behaviour it is important that the chairs cannot be easily damaged. Our furniture for mental health units and other clinical settings are tamper proof with no visible staples or internal webbing, and they also use anti-tamper fixings. They are available in a variety of anti-microbial and anti-fungal fabrics and vinyls which are simple to clean making them ideal for a hospital or other medical environments. 

When considering special needs furniture for adults, mobility also has to be taken into consideration, and some of our chairs, like the Helsinki Posture Chair, are designed with this specifically in mind. For instance, this particular chair completely supports the patient in the deep foam seat as it is designed for users with severe motor difficulties.