Recliner Chairs

It requires a lot of energy and strength to get up from a chair. This is something the young and agile take for granted. As we get older, there is a lot of strain on the lower back which makes it difficult to get up from a sitting position. Getting up from a lower position requires muscles, tendons and generally strong bones to achieve. This is usually an issue for the elderly but choosing the right kind of chairs and furniture can make this problem a lot easier in places like care homes and hospitals.

With automated chairs (both reclining and rising chairs) it makes the task of getting up from a chair a lot easier. These chairs ease the stress that usually occurs on the spine as a person gets older and pushes the person into a standing position. A recliner chair also provides the right kind of support for the elderly while seated, letting them relax their muscles and joints.

Recliner chairs are the perfect choice of chair for the elderly, or for care homes, as they will offer the right support for your residents and ensure they are comfortable while seated. If you have a lot of elderly residents, their joints can often go stiff while seated for long periods of time and they will often need help getting up from some chairs. With a recliner or motorised chair, your residents can be more mobile and independent, which will also leave your staff free to help out wherever else they are needed.

They can also be the perfect solution in hospitals if you have patients staying in for longer periods, as it allows them the opportunity to get out of bed but still have the support they need. It can take up a lot of your time helping patients in and out of chairs and also cause complications if they are not supported properly. It could actually cause your patients more pain if they are sat in chairs that are uncomfortable or don’t offer the right kind of support. This is why you should think carefully when choosing the right kind of chair.

UK Healthcare Chairs offers a selection of quality UK manufactured recliner chairs, both manual and electric, and a number of additional specialist chairs offering the care home or nursing home a number of options for users with restricted mobility. We have NHS Specification chairs popular for hospital patient's chairs in wards.

We provide a wide range of recliner chairs in different colours and finishes to make sure that we provide chairs to suit your space. If you are planning on buying recliner chairs then make sure you consider the level of support and comfort they offer. Take a look at the range of chairs that we have online to get an idea of the chair you are looking for. We provide fast delivery on a range of our chairs. If you can’t find the right chair or need advice then make sure you get in touch with us and our team will be happy to help. Call us today on 0844 824 8677.