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Welcome to UK Healthcare Chairs – we are an established online healthcare furniture supplier specialising in the supply of seating and furniture to care homes, hospitals, dental practices, day centres and other healthcare facilities across the UK.

Healthcare facility waiting areas are regarded as high risk environments and it’s therefore crucial to ensure that your waiting room chairs and care home furniture are made with hospital grade contract vinyls and fabrics.

With an extensive online portfolio of chairs, furniture and other domiciliary items for sale in antibacterial, anti-microbial and wipe-clean finishes, we’re a one stop shop for all your healthcare furnishing needs. Why not browse through our range of reception and waiting room chairs, ward and high seat chairs or dining and café chairs to view our full range. We even offer free UK delivery on orders over £350+VAT and we deliver to the full UK mainland.

Should you need any further information or wish to request colour swatch samples, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Chairs For the Elderly

Unfortunately due to current problems with couriers failing to deliver on time, we are only able to deliver our Fast Delivery Chairs by pallet, and we can only offer a limited range of Fast Delivery Chairs. Other made-to-order chairs are still available with normal delivery. We apologise for any inconvenience.

UK Healthcare Chairs is an established online healthcare furnishing company specialising in the supply of chairs for the elderly to care homes, hospitals, day centres and other healthcare facilities across the UK.

For older people or disabled people it can become increasingly difficult or impossible to use standard seating. We offer some of the best chairs for the elderly in 2021 with our new range of furniture. Ways to overcome these problems can range from changing the technique of sitting to standing to more complex solutions requiring supportive seating with integral pressure relief, which can also assist carers.

The ideal chair for elderly provides support, while being a comfortable place to rest while you chat, watch television, read, or enjoy other activities. For seniors, the right chair can also improve safety around the home by decreasing the risk of falls.

Hospital Chairs

When choosing chairs for a hospital setting, there are a number of factors to consider. Not only will you need to cater for the patient, but also visitors who do not have such specific requirements. This means you will have to consider sourcing different types of chairs - those that offer enough support for patients in recovery, or with special needs such as mental health furniture, as well as  comfortable chairs for visitors. Hospital chairs required for your consulting rooms are likely to be different to your waiting room chairs for example. It might also be worth considering the needs of patients in different wards too.

A visitor's needs will not be as extensive as those of the patients. The majority will not have specific medical needs that would necessitate a hospital style chair, but there is a type of chair that the staff would prefer. A hospital ward can get very crowded with all the essential equipment and furniture which is why beam seating can provide the perfect sollution for hospital corridors and waiting rooms. It can be helpful in some environments if the hospital furniture is stackable, because it can then be moved out of the way outside of visiting times.

For the patients, there are proven benefits to getting out of bed for as long a time as possible, even immediately after an operation. As many are still recovering from illness, the hospital chairs do need to be more specialised in order to meet their needs. The benefits of sitting up promote lung expansion, decrease risk of DVT, and shift pressure points. As pressure sores are an issue with patients who are immobile for a long period of time, the hospital bedside chairs need to cope with their comfort also.

Waiting Room Chairs

UK Healthcare Chairs has an extensive range of reception and waiting room chairs for sale in a range of different styles, colours, and fabrics to satisfy every need. Whichever healthcare environment you need to furnish, our extensive range of options will be sure to fit the bill. We also provide waiting room sofas and all kinds of seating to meet your needs.

From GP surgery waiting room chairs to veterinary surgery waiting room chairs, or even salon waiting room chairs, our products are designed with you in mind. In high traffic areas such as these, reception seating must be attractive and comfortable, but also durable enough for any eventuality. Wipe clean waiting room chairs upholstered in health grade vinyl upholstery allow chair surfaces to be washable and wipeable, while health grade fabrics are designed with an impermeable backing to allow washing and easy cleaning of the fabric. Both the vinyls and fabrics we offer contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

If you are looking for waiting room sofas or chairs in the UK, we can provide what you are looking for from Spritz stackable chairs to the fun Pacman reception chairs. 

We will include free delivery on orders over £350.

In order to make your patients and their relatives feel comfortable and welcomed, you want to be sure that you are choosing your chairs from the best source. UK Healthcare Chairs has provided furniture to the healthcare industry for many years, and our products are designed with that experience in mind so that they fit all the requirements asked of them. 

When considering what reception chairs would be right for you, you must consider who will be using them. For clinical waiting areas, your seating area will probably need to fulfil a variety of needs as the patients themselves will have different medical requirements. If you are looking for chairs for a vet’s practice, then anti-bacterial and anti-microbial vinyl covered beam seating will be ideal as the seats can be wiped down easily and will not retain animal hairs.

As in many healthcare settings, the waiting room chairs will therefore need to accommodate patients with differing sizes and mobility. We can accommodate many such requests, for example, for older patients or those with mobility issues who have difficulty in returning to a standing position after being seated, you may need reception chairs that have arms like our Worsborough chair. But we also have more specialist chairs like our Windsor Bariatric Waiting Room chair which can be grouped together with other Windsor chairs in the same range to create a matching set for your waiting room.

Care Home Chairs

Care Home & Nursing Home Chairs

When it comes to choosing furniture for your care home, you want to be sure that you are selecting from the best options available. As a well-established and leading supplier of care home furniture, we aim to satisfy all our customers' needs. The uncompromising care home furniture manufacturers that we are partnered with are based in the UK, and we pride ourselves on our products being of excellent design and durability. Many of the same chairs are supplied to contract settings and can be found in our hospital chairs range.

We understand that the elderly and those requiring assisted living furniture invariably have different requirements from younger or more able-bodied people. Their range of movement and flexibility is often restricted, and care home furniture that adapts to those requirements is imperative. Choosing care home chairs is important, as you should ensure you are providing the right level of support for residents.

Some care environments may also require tougher furniture, suitable for challenging behaviours for example, and we have a section for mental health furniture which includes seating built for safety and durability in these settings.

Unfortunately, as we age our muscles have a tendency to become weaker. This can lead to slouching, slipping down, or leaning when sitting in a chair, and may result in a position that can quickly become uncomfortable. If this sitting position is maintained, it can make it harder to get out of the chair again as joints become restricted and stiff. Continued incorrect posture can also exacerbate physical problems like balance and flexibility. As well as these, poor seating choices and also incorrect posture can result in difficulties with breathing so it is important that nursing home chairs are up to the job.

Recliner Chairs

It requires a lot of energy and strength to get up from a chair. This is something the young and agile take for granted. As we get older, there is a lot of strain on the lower back which makes it difficult to get up from a sitting position. Getting up from a lower position requires muscles, tendons and generally strong bones to achieve. This is usually an issue for the elderly but choosing the right kind of chairs and furniture can make this problem a lot easier in places like care homes and hospitals.

With automated chairs (both reclining and rising chairs) it makes the task of getting up from a chair a lot easier. These chairs ease the stress that usually occurs on the spine as a person gets older and pushes the person into a standing position. A recliner chair also provides the right kind of support for the elderly while seated, letting them relax their muscles and joints.

Recliner chairs are the perfect choice of chair for the elderly, or for care homes, as they will offer the right support for your residents and ensure they are comfortable while seated. If you have a lot of elderly residents, their joints can often go stiff while seated for long periods of time and they will often need help getting up from some chairs. With a recliner or motorised chair, your residents can be more mobile and independent, which will also leave your staff free to help out wherever else they are needed.

Medical Office Chairs

In this section we offer several ranges of operator chairs for healthcare including chairs for consultation and treatment rooms, NHS office chairs, pharmaceutical, laboratory, research, desk and other healthcare environments. The ranges include the popular entry level MIMP Medium Back Operator Chair through to the multi-functional Cambridge Task Chair, all available in choices of wipe-clean hospital grade anti-microbial vinyls and fabrics. Among other hospital chairs for consultation rooms, we supply a range of saddle stools used in sonography, dentistry and surgical environments. 

We also supply a range of static or gas-lift stools, standard chair height or draughtsman chair height, which can be used in labs, technical, pharmaceutical, and other environments where sterile seating may be required. The RSS/D Tall Swivel Stool with gas-lift adjustment is a popular stool with tall gas stem for lab or counter top applications, as is the MIMPD Medium Back Draughtsman Chair which comes with an adjustable tilting back and adjustable footring, and is a popular choice for a variety of settings.


Beam Seating

It is important that waiting rooms in medical environments provide enough seating for customers. The patient may be unwell, or not able to stand for long periods of time, and sufficient seating is essential for their well-being. Even in veterinary waiting rooms, the actual clients may not mind sitting on the floor, but there will be a much better atmosphere and acceptance of any delay if the seating is comfortable and plentiful.

One solution for this is beam seating as it is space-saving and very durable. At UK Healthcare Chairs we source all our products from the best beam seating manufacturers in the UK, and can supply them in a range of colours, types and materials to suit every need. A number of our beam seating units have been specified in secure institutions such as prisons, along with prison grade upholstered Crib 7 chairs which we also supply. Whether you are looking to fit as many seats as possible in a small space, or you want to use beam seating chairs in bright colours to lift the mood of your waiting room, we can supply it all. 

Bariatric Chairs

Bariatric Chairs For Hospitals, Waiting Rooms & NHS 

As the British population is continually getting taller and heavier, it is more important than ever to make sure the taller or larger client is accommodated when it comes to waiting areas and elsewhere in medical environments. This is particularly important for both the safety and comfort of the person concerned.

Bariatric chairs are larger than average chairs and our bariatric chairs for sale are able to cope with a heavier load; some are suitable for a seated weight of up to 50 stone. It can be embarrassing for a larger person if the only waiting room chairs supplied are too small or fragile to take their frame, and the last thing you need is for anyone to get stuck in a chair with armrests. The type of medical environment you are in can determine how many you will need amongst the standard seating, so an average view of your patient population should tell you how many you should budget for at any one time.

If you are looking for bariatric waiting room chairs for your hospital, NHS or private clinic, you have come to the right place. UK Healthcare Chairs can supply you with a range of different bariatric seating whatever your requirements.

Crib 7 & Prison Seating

Crib 7 Chairs – For Prisons, Secure Accomodation, High Hazard Areas

Please enquire if you require chairs in Crib 7 vinyl, which are not shown in this section - (all upholstered chairs on this website are available in Agua Crib 7 or Chieftain Protect 7 vinyls - prices on request.)

We offer a range of seating in Crib 7 vinyl upholstery, (from the Agua 7 Collection and the Chieftain Protect 7 Collection) which are suitable for high hazard areas, prisons, secure accommodation, oil rigs, mental health institutions, and other challenging environments. The Crib 7 vinyls have a Flame Retardancy rating BS7176 Source 7 when tested over CMHR35kg/m3 foam, making them suitable for high hazard areas. The Agua 7 and Chieftain Protect 7 Collections both have a fabric composition which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, waterproof, and stain resistant. They are also tested tested to the following standards for Tear Strength and Breaking Strength: BS4303, BS2576: 1988, TS EN ISO4674-1 250 (Severe Contract Grade). Full details and fabric specifications can be found on the Agua website https://www.aguafabrics.com/collections/the-7-collection and the Chieftain website https://chieftainfabrics.com/product-category/protect-7/

We have a number of chairs offered in Crib 7 vinyl upholstery in this section of the website, however if there are any other chair ranges on our website which you would like quoted for in Crib 7 upholstery, please enquire at the office and we will be able to send you a quote.

In addition to the Crib 7 furniture for prisons and high hazard facilities, we also feature a number of beam seat ranges which have been specified for prisons and other secure institutions, which include floor fixing options for added security.