Operator & Office Chairs

When choosing furniture for areas in the healthcare industry, the comfort of medical staff and those in administration areas must also be considered. We have a vast range of chairs and stools that are ideal for operators or office workers in medical care, as they have features that help or are designed specifically because of the needs of their day-to-day requirements. For example, a great number of our operator chairs and office chairs are on castors for easy manoeuvrability, and many feature adjustable height and angle options to ensure comfort during the working day. As well as these, we also supply a high stool that is ideal for those with high working surfaces that can often be found in the reception areas of hospitals and science and research facilities. 

As a leading provider of medical chairs and other furniture to be used in medical environments, we are aware of the need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, and our chairs are available in many different anti-microbial and anti-bacterial coverings to aid with this. We also have chairs designed for a sterile environment and those for use in high risk infection control areas, making everyday cleaning an easier endeavour. To make sure as many of your staff can spend their working day in as comfortable a seat as possible, we have many chairs that are fully adjustable like the Cambridge Task Chair. This has both a back tilt and a knee tilt, while the height of the back can also be adjusted easily to accommodate many different sizes of user.