Care Home Dining Chairs

When choosing care home dining chairs, attention to detail is important. Outside the care home setting, the main consideration is that the chairs are comfortable for the diner. And while comfort is an absolutely essential requirement for our furniture too, we make sure that our chairs are additionally sturdy and hygienic.

While the appearance of a dining room may be neater if chairs can be pushed under the tables, this is usually only possible if they have no arms. For an older person, aging means that there is a reduction in strength in the leg muscles. Therefore, the process of standing up will require help from the upper body as well. If dining chairs have solid arms there is less reliance on the leg muscles as the upper body can assist. As the majority of clientele in a healthcare facility will require assistance in rising, many of our dining chairs come with arms that make rising from the table easier.

All dining rooms will necessarily be home to unfortunate spillages and food messes at times. To alleviate the problems that these cause, our chairs are provided in a variety of fabrics and vinyls that are easy to keep clean and hygienic. These properties are, of course, essential in a food distribution area.

As an example product that satisfies all these issues, our Myah Dining Chair comes with arms and has a solid 4-leg frame. It comes fitted with a variety of available anti-microbial fabrics or vinyl coverings for simple, achievable cleanliness.