PACMAN Seating

PACMAN Seating

PACMAN Seating

PACMAN Modular Reception Chairs

PACMAN Seating for breakout, waiting, reception or hospitality areas. The seats come as full circle stools, with one 'bite' or with two 'bites', providing endless possibilities of seating configurations. These 3 shaped options can also can come with a backrest. Each seat shape is also available as a table, either with a glass top or a wooden oak top. The seating is manufactured with a hardwood and plywood timber frame, chrome glides, and deep foam seat. The seats comes in a choice of vinyls or waterproofed fabrics containing anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents, which are designed for use in high risk infection control areas.
  • PACMAN Seating
  • Full Circle, One 'Bite' Or Two 'Bites'
  • Each Shape Available With A Backrest
  • Each Shape Available As A Table With Either A Glass Top Or Wooden Oak Top
  • Push Individual Chairs Together To Form Differing Configurations
  • Hardwood & Plywood Timber Frame
  • Deep Foam Seat
  • Chrome Glides
  • Choice Of Anti-Microbial Fabrics & Vinyls
  • Vinyl & Fabric Sample Cards Available On Request
  • Ideal For Reception Areas, Hospitality Areas, Breakout Seating Etc.
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Vinyl/Fabric Sample Cards Available By Post. (Please call 0844 8248677 or email your request).

Manufacturers Guarantee 5 Years

Delivery 2-3 Weeks

Choose your vinyl or fabric range by clicking here - (for each different range, colour options will change at the bottom of the page)
Products Overall Height (mm)  Overall Width (mm)  Overall Depth (mm)  Seat Height (mm)  Price each
(excl VAT)
PK1 PACMAN One Bite Seat
Product Code: HC747
470 660 725 450-470 £195.00
PK2 PACMAN Two Bites Seat
Product Code: HC750
470 595 725 450-470 £195.00
PK3 PACMAN Full Circle Seat
Product Code: HC753
470 725 725 450-470 £195.00
PACMAN Seats With Backrests
PK1B/L PACMAN One Bite Seat (Left) + Backrest
Product Code: HC757
720 650 725 450-470 £229.00
PK1B/R PACMAN One Bite Seat (Right) + Backrest
Product Code: HC760
720 650 725 450-470 £229.00
PK2B PACMAN Two Bites Seat + Backrest
Product Code: HC763
720 595 725 450-470 £229.00
PK3B PACMAN Full Circle Seat + Backrest
Product Code: HC766
720 725 725 450-470 £229.00
PACMAN Tables With Glass Top
PK1T PACMAN One Bite Table - Glass Top
Product Code: HC770
435 725 £239.00
PK2T PACMAN Two Bites Table - Glass Top
Product Code: HC773
435 725 £239.00
PK3T PACMAN Full Circle Table - Glass Top
Product Code: HC776
435 725 £239.00
PACMAN Tables With Oak Top
PK1W PACMAN One Bite Table - Oak Top
Product Code: HC780
435 725 £235.00
PK2W PACMAN Two Bites Table - Oak Top
Product Code: HC783
435 725 £235.00
PK3W PACMAN Full Circle Table - Oak Top
Product Code: HC786
435 725 £235.00
Chieftan Just Colour Vinyl Colours

To order free vinyl or fabric sample cards please click here


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