Types of Care Home Chairs and Furniture

It is important that you have the right kind of chairs and seating in a care home so that all of your residents and their visitors have somewhere comfortable to sit. You should also make sure that you choose furniture that provides enough support for your residents too, as many standard chairs can be damaging for their back and health. There are different ranges of care home chairs and furniture that you should provide for your residents, but it can be confusing about what type of furniture you need. We have put together a guide to the different types of care home chairs.

High Back Chairs

One way that you can make sure that your residents have the right posture support and comfort is to provide high back chairs for your care home. Opting for high back chairs provides the perfect lumbar support and allows your residents to sit fully upright in the chair while still being comfortable. These care home chairs are available for all kinds od purposes and at different price points. You can also get high back chairs in a range of different fabrics and finishes to suit your care home aesthetic. We provide a range of high back chairs from £212.00. Take a look at one of our most popular chairs below.

Bruges High Back Chair - From £212.00 + VAT

Dining Chairs

Something else that you should consider in a care home is to make sure that you provide the right kind of seating in all spaces for your care home. One area that often isn’t considered is the dining room and where your residents will be eating. These chairs can often be wooden or plastic without any padding, which can be uncomfortable for elderly patients. It is ideal to opt for padded dining and banqueting chairs for your care home to ensure that your residents don’t suffer from back pain or discomfort when seated. One of the most popular dining room chairs includes the Spinx chair.

SPINX Light Beech Wooden Chair - From £130.00 + VAT

Waiting Room Chairs

You should also make sure that you have the right kind of waiting room chairs for your residents family and any visitors too. It is important to make sure that you have the right kind of furniture to make a good impression to any potential visitors. The reception area is often the first place that people will arrive so it is important that you make a good impression. If you have tired and worn out furniture then this can have a negative impression on people as soon as they arrive. There are a wide range of reception chairs including stacking chairs and sofas.


A great way to provide comfort for your residents is to have a range of sofas and soft seating for your residents to relax in communal areas. This can be a great way to make the most of the space and provide a communal seating area for residents to chat and find company. You should provide a range of different seating options and sofas are something different to the seating they would have in their own room. It can be a good reason for your residents to come to the communal area and relax.

Ontario Lounge Seating - From £305.00 + VAT

Coffee Table

A piece of furniture that isn’t often thought about are coffee tables but these often complete the feel of a living space. It is important to make your care home feel homely and a coffee table can help to do just that. It can be a place for magazines and information leaflets for your residents as well as somewhere to place a drink and relax. It doesn’t have to be expensive either and there are a range of different sized coffee tables that are perfect for any care home.

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