Choosing Chairs for Residential Care vs Nursing Homes

The key word in residential or care is the word home. To this end making the space homely and comfortable is essential. Do you cringe when you think about care home furniture?

Residential Homes generally are a supported environment enabling vulnerable people to live as independently as possible. Like any home, they have a sitting room, dining area for meals and living accommodation. Unlike a hotel or private household, they provide personal care and support like washing, dressing and occasional hairdressing and activities. They may require a range of chairs to support different purposes and levels of ability and activity. 

Nursing Homes  are another level up from residential with the added medical care of a qualified nurse or nurses on duty around the clock. Care home chairs may be required for supporting frailer individuals who may require longer periods of sitting or rest.

Chairs can be chosen for your client’s unique requirements. (This may include the resident cat). Things have moved on so much. For the elderly and those requiring assisted living, there is now a wide selection of non-standard seating.

It may no longer be appropriate to purchase a set of identical chairs. Chairs may provide an everyday support for some. Today efforts are improving to remove the institutional feel from our care homes.

For younger more agile or able-bodied individuals, chairs may restrict their physical movements. By enabling a greater range of movement, whilst providing the correct support, your clients may find better comfort when sitting.

For older clients  their muscles may become weaker and it may become harder to sit upright. The right chair can support and prevent slipping down and slouching or awkward leaning which may all lead to discomfort and even exacerbate muscular and breathing problems. 

Matching fabrics but different chairs. You can choose individual chairs for the unique needs of your client and match the fabric to work with your environment. You can also choose muted tones or bright colours as is appropriate for the space.

Bariatric chairs may remove anxiety and embarrassment . Over time our population is evolving and there are increasing numbers of taller and larger people. Some may find regular chairs too flimsy for their needs.

Comfort and safety. Older people and those with disabilities may benefit from chairs that are supportive of their daily activities. The right chair can also improve health and safety and contribute to a decrease in the risk of falls.

Recliner chairs may ease issues caused by long term sitting and motorised versions can facilitate a range of sitting, resting and reclining positions with a simple press of a button. There are dual and single motor options as well as manual.

The benefits of a dual motor mechanism recliner are that the back and the footrest can be manipulated independently allowing for a greater range of movement and adjustment for comfort.

A combination of manual and mechanical can support and also promote some physical activity. An assessment of your patient's needs will help you determine the best seating solution.

The Helsinki Posture Chair is innovatively designed for users with severe motor difficulties. It has pressure-relieving memory foam and an anti-microbial vinyl covering both of which move and stretch with the client and return to their original shape afterwards. These are suitable for care and nursing homes. There is also a separate deep foam leg rest available for added comfort and relief.

Wellbeing is improved with nice surroundings. Lovely colours and fabrics feel good and may lift our spirits. Creating a beautiful comfortable environment can help improve the wellbeing of residents. Supportive seating comes in a variety of fabrics and textiles, including anti-microbial vinyl for easy cleaning. Some come with integral pressure relief inbuilt. These are just some of the options available today.

In the supported environment of a residential or care home comfortable chairs are a major investment. They need not be boring and dull. Once you have chosen the right chairs, in most cases you can also choose from a variety of fabrics and vinyl coverings in cheerful colours.

We at Uk Healthcare Chairs are a well-established leading supplier of care home furniture. We are proud of our customer service and would love to talk to you about the needs of your residential or care home. Our furniture is approved for use in care homes and we are suppliers to the NHS. Our manufacturers are UK based and all products
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