How Much Do Waiting Room Chairs Cost?

There are many different types of waiting room chairs that are suited to different environments. They vary in cost depending on the type of chair but range from around £40 for stacking chairs and up to around £300 for sofas and modular seating, and more for some ranges of beam seating.

If you are looking for reception room or waiting room chairs, then you might be wondering what style of chair is best suited to your needs. There are many different styles of waiting room chairs in different colours, styles and fabrics. If you are looking for chairs to complement a healthcare environment, then you are likely to want chairs that are easy to clean. We discuss the different types of chairs and which would be best suited to your environment.

Stacking Chairs

A great option for waiting rooms is to choose stacking chairs to help you maximise the space in your waiting room and get extra chairs out if you suddenly become quite busy. It is quite common that your waiting room might be busier at certain times of the day or week. If you have specific visiting hours for example then you might need extra chairs at this point. Stacking chairs are also easy to put away if you have a function and want to use the reception area for a different purpose. It can also make cleaning much easier too if you work in a healthcare setting or anywhere that you have to abide by rigorous cleaning standards as you can easily stack chairs to one side. Some of the most popular stacking chairs include;

·         Vinyl Stacking Chair – Black Frame – £42.00

·         Antibacterial Chairs – £45.95

·         Spinx Light Beech Wooden Chair – £92.95

Modular Reception Seating

If you are looking for waiting room chairs then modular seating could be the perfect choice to meet your needs. If you want to make your reception area stylish and comfortable then this is a great choice. Modular seating comes in a range of different styles but is generally cushioned and takes more of a sofa form. This means that family members, clients or whoever you have waiting will be comfortable. It also presents a good image to any potential visitors, with the reception area often the first thing that any visitors will see. If you regularly have the same amount of visitors then modular seating can also be ideal as you can cater for the right amount of people. Some of the more popular modular seating options include;

·         BRS Modular Box Reception Seating – £137.50

·         Oxford Reception Seating – £165.00

·         Piano Modular Seating System – £239.00

Sofas and Tub Chairs

Another option for waiting room chairs is to choose some soft seating options that are more comfortable for your visitors. Tub chairs are a more compact version of sofas and provide the same level of comfort for your guests if you don’t have as many. They can also be used to complement sofas or other seating to offer additional seating. These sofas and tubs chairs are ideal if you have older people visiting often as they provide the right level of comfort and support. There is also a wide range of chairs and sofas that are easy to clean too. Some of the most popular sofas and tub chairs include;

·         Shae Tub Chair – £185.00

·         Epsom Tub and 2 Seater Tub – £219.00

·         Coral Retro Chair and Sofas – £339.00

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